Ingredients and secret ingredients to complete and reward each dish

Ingredients and secret ingredients to complete and reward each dish

This is Turkey Day Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The day we eat a lot of non-turkey stuff. Because, dubious turkey – Franklin is here to cook, not to cook, and the island has gone with a more seafood theme for dinner. The activity of the day is to collect the ingredients to make sure he is ready for the feast. I wish my villagers had sent me a memo that we were all going to wear straw boaters.

The first ingredients are easy, because Franklin tells you what to get, and nothing is hard to find. He will reward you with different items from Turkey Day prepared for each dish, so note that step here, in short, is for the Northern Hemisphere:

  • Clam Chader: 3 Manila Clams
  • Pumpkin Pie: Two different colored pumpkins
  • Gratin: Specific mushroom selected by an oyster and goblets
  • Fish Munier: Sea bass and another fish were my olive flounder

All of these will make you a Turkish Day rug, wall, flooring and cornice net.

Anyway, it’s after Goblins made everything fun for the first time. He will ask you to bring anything you think will improve the resource, which is a vague question. However, this can be made easier because he will tell you if you have found the appropriate item in your luggage. Here is what you are looking for:

  • Clam Chader: Scallop
  • Pumpkin Pie: Which pumpkin did Franklin ask last?
  • Gratin: Dung crab
  • Fish Munier: Nifjo blocked

If you have trouble finding the right ingredients, any of your villagers can still trade the stuff by cooking in their homes, and they can give you hints about the secret ingredients.

Do it all, Gobles will reward you with the Kobe Turkey Day DIY set, so if we ever make this you will have all your decorations ready for next year. Alternatively, wear a straw bowler and dig.

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