Information for the future season or intoxication –

Information for the future season or intoxication -

In the coming months, the Vikings series will be talking about her. Fans were informed that Season 6 Part 2 will be the end of the saga.

However, we all got the echoes of seeing a Season 7 daylight… First of all, we offer you a little recap!

What you need to know about Season 7 of the Vikings Series

The Vikings is a Canadian-Irish television series created by Michael Hearst and co-produced by Travis Fimmel and Catherine Winnie. Broadcast on Canal + in France since 2013, it generated a lot of people when the first 5 seasons were released on Netflix in 2020.

Summary of the Viking Series

The series tells the story of a group of Vikings led by Ragnar Lothbrook, a well – known figure at the time. The protagonist contains ideas that are contrary to the ideas of his leader. Motivated by ambition, perhaps out of innocence, he decides to expand the Viking territory by choosing to attack the rich lands of the West first.

Despite the opposition of many people, he decides to do as he pleases when advised not to go there.

Vikings Season 6 Part 1, 2

Season 6 is the same as the previous 2 episodes, cut into 2 episodes with 10 episodes.

In the first part, Ragnar’s son Jorn is now in power, and like his father he has to make some decisions that can change everything. Her father decided to retire for a quiet life. From now on, he can no longer rely on the advice of relatives.

If the first part is already available for replay on MyCANAL, you should wait patiently to see the second. Anyway, the end of the series promises to move according to some of the actors …

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So, what does the sequel to Viking have in store for us ?!

Now it is clear, the series will go well at the end of season 6. The rumors about Season 7 are completely false ! But we have known for some time that this series will pave the way for its spin-off Vikings Valhalla.

We have no information about him now, except that the current scenes take place 100 years later. Characters by Leaf Eriksson, Friedez, and William de Conquerant… So this new series should be comforting!

However, Vikings: Valhalla construction seems to have started in April, but as with any project it has been postponed (we will not give a reason, …)

Also, since August, it seems that castings for the extras have started, but there is still no news about the main characters.

But things can be taken in order, we will have to wait a little more patiently to follow the end of the sixth season, and to see the light of day for this spin off. In the meantime, we invite you to go to Netflix or PrimeVideo to watch or watch your favorite series again.

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