Infinite darkness about the zombies in White House

Infinite darkness about the zombies in White House

Netflix’s Upcoming Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series revolves around a zombie explosion in White House.

A new plot recap from Netflix highlights the CGI series, in which Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panicello – the voices of Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2 – return to perform their roles.

Summary begins: “In 2006 there were indications of unauthorized access to classified presidential files on the White House network.”

U.S. FBI agent Leon Kennedy was one of two people invited to the White House to investigate the incident. However, when the lights go out quickly, Lyon and the Swat team must defeat a group of zombies.

Meanwhile, Claire Redfield, a Terrasev employee, encounters a nigu picture of a young man in a country she visits while helping refugees. Fearing this drawing, Claire begins a self-investigation into a virus infection.

The next morning, Claire visited the White House and requested that a community facility be built. There she has the opportunity to reunite with Leon and use the opportunity to show a picture of a boy.

“Leon White House House seems to see a connection between the zombie explosion and the strange drawing, but there is no connection and there are no papers,” he told Claire. Over time, the explosion of these two zombies in distant lands leads to core events in the country. “

Infinite Darkness is an animated series produced by Japanese studio TMS Entertainment (Akira, Lupine the Third, Little Nemo) and animated by Japanese studio Koibiko. It will be released later in 2021.

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Infinite Darkness is not the only resident evil content available on Netflix. In August 2020, German production company Konstantin Film announced that it was developing a live-action series and broadcast platform.

According to a Netflix feed, the new raccoon will be featured on the Wesker Babies show, which will reveal the secrets of the city. Albert Wesker is one of the main rivals in the Resident Evil Games.

“When the Wesker kids go to New Raccoon City, the secrets they discover may be the end of it all,” she says.

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