Indian researchers discover fusion of three supermassive black holes

Indian researchers discover fusion of three supermassive black holes

Unprecedented celestial wonder has found a place in cosmic research. The three largest black holes (black holes) in the Milky Way merge with each other. Another feature is that three astronomers from India discovered this innovation.

All three black holes were recently discovered in the Milky Way. The researchers first examined the motion of the twin holes, and a third published research on their fusion in the journal Astronomy. “We have confirmed that there is a third galaxy. NGC 7733 N .. is part of the NGC 7734 group. Below the northern part, they overlap each other.

Galaxy couple .. NGC 7733 Milky Way N-NGC 7734 merged with each other. Usually the combination of black holes causes severe stress and energy. However, they did not merge with each other.

Jyoti Yadav, Mausumi Das and Sudhanshu Barve of the Indian Institute of Astronomy were able to see them with the help of the Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope of the Astrosat Observatory. South Africa IRSF, Chile VLT, and MUSE technologies from the European Union contributed to the study. It has also released bright UV-H alpha images related to the fusion of black holes.

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