India called for a fight against the Black Tide

India called for a fight against the Black Tide

Oil suppliers and floating dams are ready to intervene at the slightest sign of a leak from a container ship, which has collapsed in a fire, Sri Lankan authorities have assured.

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It covers as much as possible of an environmental disaster that is already in progress. Sri Lanka urges neighbors to help contain oil spill if container ship sinks MV Express-PearlSri Lankan authorities announced on Thursday (June 3). The ship caught fire on May 20 and was not extinguished until 13 days later.

The Indian Coast Guard has already taken part in the firefighting operation. One of their ships with special equipment was at the oil-polluting post before reaching the shore. Officials said oil suppliers, booms and surface skimmers were ready to respond immediately to the slightest hint of a container leaking from the ship.

The owners of the sinking ship, Express-Feeders, said it was slowly sinking after an failed attempt to pull it off the Sri Lankan coast on Wednesday. “Express feeders (…) can confirm that the ship’s rear is resting on the beach at a depth of about 21 meters and that the front is slowly sinking.”, The company announced Thursday.

Navy spokeswoman Indica de Silva added that it was not currently available The 350 tons of fuel leaving the ship does not appear to have leaked. However, considering the ship’s shipping manifesto, the risk of oil and toxic leaks is very high, and it also reveals that it carries a large amount of lubricants. “Dangerous Goods” 81 containers, including 25 tons of nitric acid.

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