Index – Tech-Science – Nine billion years ago, no black hole grew

Index - Tech-Science - Nine billion years ago, no black hole grew

The Australian National University (ANU) said on Wednesday that an international team led by Australian astronomers had discovered the fastest growing black hole in the last nine billion years.

A black hole with a mass of three billion solar masses, it emits an equivalent amount of Earth every second and is 7,000 times brighter than all the lights in our own galaxy.

Astronomers have been hunting for such celestial bodies for more than fifty years. Thousands of dimmers have been found, but this wonderfully bright object has yet to go unnoticed

ANU researcher Christopher Onken described the “black hole in the hay stack” as a “big, unexpected needle”. Now they want to know what makes them different from the rest. It is believed that the collision of two large galaxies gave the black hole a lot of matter

They are unlikely to find anything more

Christian Wolf, co-author of a study published on, described the black hole as an important value borrowed from statistics, adding that he did not believe they could find another.

We are confident that this record will not be broken. We practically fled from the sky where such objects could be hidden

Said the astronomer.

According to researchers, the black hole is about 500 times the size of the black hole in our galaxy, and under the right conditions, anyone can see it with the best telescope, writes MTI.

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