Index – Tech-Science – How to Avoid Christmas Bustle with Google Maps

Index - Tech-Science - How to Avoid Christmas Bustle with Google Maps

A Cnet In November he wrote about two innovations that Google predicted. An area business that appears within the map is a development. Although we had a chance to see when a place was crowded, so far we have only been able to shoot targets, and the app does not show the crowds of surrounding streets, squares and areas. Now this shortcoming has been resolved through development. We can really benefit from this right now, that is, during the Christmas shopping season.

Because of Area Busyness, when we calculate the congestion in any area, we can see when they decrease. In other words, before shopping, we can prepare well for a visit to the desired store area so that when going on a trip is really worth it, they can at least play chess when they can.

This is important not only because it is the Christmas season, but also because anyone who wants to avoid crowds because of an epidemic can do so.

You can use the development if you want to visit an outdoor Curiosity, a Christmas fair.

When you navigate to an area you know, the area business automatically pops up as you scroll through the pop-up window to see the time similar to the version used in restaurants.

Another extension of Google Maps, shopping malls, department stores, or even airports, can show you where to find a souvenir shop where you can buy something before take-off, or list open-air restaurants so you don’t have to. Wander unnecessarily through large building complexes.

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