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Index – Abroad – According to a new book, the coronavirus was created in Wuhan by American money

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Andrej Huff 2015-2016-Ban He was the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, an American-based international health research organization that, according to him, conducted various classified research abroad with the approval and support of the American government.

In his book The Truth About Wuhan, which will be published on December 6, Andrew Huff writes – according to The Sun, which obtained a copy of the book ahead of publication – that the coronavirus pandemic has also prompted such research. A result, how

The Wuhan coronavirus was a variant of the virus that was deliberately developed using American money.

According to Huff, a US government agency, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has also been indirectly linked to different versions of the coronavirus. In the Wuhan lab In funding ongoing scientific research. According to him, the outbreak was caused by the Chinese not following safety regulations in the lab (which he says usually happens in foreign labs collaborating with EcoHealth).

According to the scientist, in addition to funding, the EcoHealth Alliance helped scientists in Wuhan further develop a version of the coronavirus that is dangerous to bats by transferring its own technology.

I was frightened by what I saw. We gave them the technology to make biological weapons

Wrote in the book the sun Accordingly

Did they try to cover it up?

As for why they tested the coronavirus in China, Andrew Huff wrote that the research they conducted (especially the so-called benefit of potentially dangerous operational research) was banned in the United States between 2014 and 2017 when the experiments began. .

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According to Huff, in light of the above, the Chinese government knew from day one that this was a man-made virus, but they tried to erase any traces of it. According to him, American intelligence did the same.

Finally, the book’s author even questioned whether the US government would continue research in Wuhan for scientific and epidemic prevention purposes. Rather according to him

The investigation with the coronavirus is related to the development of biological weapons.

The author of the book tells about himself that he finally left the EcoHealth Alliance because he saw that the organization was not working properly and did not guarantee safe conditions for these developments in foreign laboratories.

Regardless of Andrew Huff’s claims, there are already theories that the coronavirus could be a man-made virus. However, there is still no consensus among experts How the virus was created and how the epidemic broke out.

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