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Brexit, the Irish port of Rosler, becomes the gateway to the European Union - International

The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, resigned on Monday (14) and the differences between the Unionists and Republicans in power have led to a transition to uncertainty in the region, which has been embroiled in tensions for Brexit.

In April, Foster, the leader of the Unionist DUP party and head of the autonomous local government, announced his resignation, sharply criticizing the inability to impose customs restrictions on other parts of the UK over Brexit.

His ultra-conservative party named a new leadership. Foster officially resigned from office in a speech to the Northern Irish Parliament on Monday. He warned of the consequences of the terms of the agreement between London and Brussels. “Ireland Protocol from the North”.

These measures prevent the Northern Irish Republicans from returning to the border with the Republic of Ireland, a neighborhood that is unacceptable to them, but imposing customs restrictions on the island of Great Britain, which the Unionists condemn as administrative separation of the country. Of the country.

“If Brussels thinks the protocol is enough, it is a denial of reality,” Foster said.

“In the context of Northern Ireland, imbalance and instability is a very dangerous cocktail. Northern Ireland is part of the UK and should be treated as such,” he warned.

The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to change some measures in view of the new unrest, but accuses Europeans of not keeping his word.

In this case, Foster’s success must have been subtle.

The DUP is holding a regional executive with Sinn Fin, the Republican Party, under the 1998 Good Friday Peace Accords, ending three decades of violent fighting between Catholic Republicans and Protestant Unionists.

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Paul Givan, 39, a hardline unionist, had the name suggested by the DUP last week, but Sinn Fൻin has threatened to block the process.

If the Republican Party fails to reappoint Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill, the current executive will be formed.

The British government will have to call early local elections.

Sinn Fein alleges that the DUP opposes a law that gives the Irish equal status to Englishmen in the region.

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