Incredible but true, Taliban leaders … follow Celtic: “They did not stop talking about Edward …”

Incredible but true, Taliban leaders ... follow Celtic: "They did not stop talking about Edward ..."

Director Jamie Doran is in Afghanistan to shoot a documentary. His great passion in talks with locals and Taliban leaders was certainly not expected to emerge: the Celtic.

Football is a sport that can tell great stories and, above all, unite people who do not know each other and live in different parts of the world. The colors of a shirt, a symbol on the chest, the success of a match, as well as an unexpected defeat create a sense of intimacy that is complicated to explain and difficult to imitate in many other areas of life. Just think of the weird story that Jamie Doran told. Born in Glasgow, the Irish-born director has won numerous international awards after filming ISIS and opioid smuggling to film a new documentary in Afghanistan.

Telebans – He certainly did not expect a great passion to arise in his conversation with the natives: Celtic. Doreen has always been a die-hard Hoops fan, as he explained Belfast, He found some colleagues … he was interviewing Taliban leaders. “It’s a very strange situation. They were like normal people, they need to know which team I support. They obviously saw the Celtic shirt under my dress and when I confirmed that I was a Hoopes fan they did not stop talking about ‘Edward, Scott Brown, they’ have a great leader ‘,” he said. The other two players. “It’s easy to imagine the director’s surprise when he finds out how much knowledge the Taliban leadership has in the Scottish Premier League.

Coach – There’s been some advice for next season, especially regarding the selection of a new coach … “However, the most heartfelt argument is the new coach’s. They heard that Celtic could take on Eddie Howe, and they wondered why we were not targeting a lesser-known technician. In short, it’s hard to blame them.” It turns out that Taliban leaders know more about Hoop than many fans. But where does this passion come from? “The Celtic passion comes from the support our fans have given to the Palestinian cause for decades. So, even in Afghanistan, the green and white Rangers are expected to take revenge …

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