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Roar Iversen, mann med briller i profiil, ser utover vann i Bergen, gul kran i bakgrunnen.

Can a simple pill affect our brain?

That was the question that researchers in Bergen wanted to answer. The answer is clear after conducting research on 30 patients in the Bergen area.

– We have found that it can increase the levels of an important substance in the brain called NAD. It is important for many diseases such as Parkinson’s, ALS and dementia.

That’s the success of Charalambos Solis. He is Professor and Chief Physician in Neurology at Hockland University Hospital and Bergen University.

Blue pills

They look like ordinary pills. They are still so. These are supplements that can be bought over the counter today.

However, these pills can revolutionize the treatment of many brain diseases.

Tzoulis hires a research team who believe they are now making a medical breakthrough.

– NAD is essential for energy metabolism and preservation of genetic material. It usually disappears gradually with disease and aging. We have proven that one pill can raise the NAD level in the human brain.

It is difficult to directly affect the brain through it. But now the day has found a way.

There will be a positive effect: such pills increase the NAD values ​​in the brain.

Photo: Oddgeir ystese / NRK

New hope

One of the participants in the study was Roar Iversen.

– I’m shaking on the right side of my body. Then I struggle to sleep. Then I know I’m getting worse.

It’s been more than two years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He does a lot of exercise and takes medication to ease the symptoms.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, research activities give hope for a better life.

– It would be a great relief if the pills could really help. I spend a lot of time treating the disease. If one can slow down development through simple steps, it will be amazing.

Miracle substance NAD

Tzoulis draws and illustrates how the increased level of NAD in the old main building in Hawkland can produce positive wave effects.

He and a colleague were the first to think that NAD levels could be increased in this way to slow down Parkinson’s disease.

Before the research team can conclude that they have found a pill that slows down diseases like Parkinson’s, they should now implement the second phase of the research project.

About 400 patients from across the country will be given the opportunity to attend. Such extensive and expensive studies should only be started if one feels that one is likely to find what one is looking for.

– We know that it can increase the NAD level in the brain. We must now prove that it has a positive effect on diseases.


By the end of 2023, Souli’s successful response from the survey is ready.

The substance, which researchers now think has positive effects, can be bought on its own. However, Solis strongly warns against trying to self-medicate.

– The right amount is especially important. Also, there are many products that do not include what they offer.

He urges people to wait until there is research that guarantees quality. He has good faith that they are facing a turning point.

– 99 out of 100 times the assumption is completely incorrect. So it’s especially rewarding when it’s true.

– This host has experienced such an eureka moment that it is worth all the work.

Forceker and Professor Charlampos Solis

Breakthrough: Researcher and professor Charlemagne Soulis thinks they are facing a turning point.

Photo: Oddgeir Øystese / NRK

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