Increase CabinTeley’s play-off push as Wexford fielded two points more than an unqualified player

Increase CabinTeley's play-off push as Wexford fielded two points more than an unqualified player

CabinTele’s play-off push received a huge boost today with two extra points as Wexford FC fielded an unqualified player.

Athlon Town scored three extra points in the third division battle.

Two clubs appealed last week against the preliminary FII decision not to allow Wexford, which was upheld today.

MirrorSport revealed last month that it was investigating whether Ola Ademo had international permission to play in four games.

Wexford signed an ademo from the English non-league side Lewis in July and received an international transfer certificate from the English FA, the FAI said.

The striker then went on to play in four First Division matches; A 3-1 win at Athlon, a 0-0 draw against the leaders, a 2-0 defeat to Shamrock Rovers II and a 4-0 defeat to Cobb.

He was not later featured as the English FA contacted the FAI again to flag off an issue with the International Transfer Certificate.

During the lockdown, Ademo signed with Swedish club Yeterhogdal.

That transfer never happened because of a pandemic, so he joined Wexford.

Today, an FAI statement is ready: “Wexford FC has been found guilty of violating the Fielding (FAI) ineligible player in four first division matches.

The committee found Wexford to have violated Section 14.14 of Schedule 1 of the partnership agreement and fielded an unqualified player in the following matches.

I) Athlon Town v Wexford FC, 31/07/2020
II) Wexford FC V CabinTeli FC, 07/08/2020
III) Shamrock Rovers II v Wexford FC, 15/08/2020
IV) Kobe Ramblers v Wexford FC, 18/08/2020

“Wexford FC is losing 3-0 in the light of the above violations.”

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Cabinouli finished fourth with their two extra points, right in the play-off mix, and despite having three extra points, Athlon remains third from bottom.

The 25-year-old Ademo has played for UCD, Dundee United, East Fif, Watford, Norwegian Waldress FK and English non-league organizations Walton Casvals and Lewis.

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