Incident rate according to the Department of Paris and L-D-France

Incident rate according to the Department of Paris and L-D-France

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In France, the epidemic continues its slow recession and the country is gradually disintegrating. From June 9, 2021, bars, restaurants and sports halls will reopen after an 8-month closure. The end of the curfew will be announced on Sunday, June 20, 2021. However, health department officials continue to monitor the incidence of each department as a criterion for determining whether measures should be tightened or weight loss. Here is a map of the events that took place in the All-de-France region and Paris on Sunday, June 20, 2021, determined by data provided by the government, to make life easier for the residents of the Ile-de-France.

How are you? Incidence rate Of each Departments Of Île-de-France ? The most densely populated area in France, theIle-de-France The first and second waves were severely affected Covid-19.

During the second phase of container relief, the Virus Attempts are still being made to ignore the regulatory measures taken as a result.

As a result, the government and health authorities are working on specific criteria for determining the extent of the virus in each French department: Rates for residents of all ages, And Rate of incidence in the elderly, The weakest Covid-19.

This 2021 June 17 Thursday (Consolidated data), this incidence is equal to the mean 27.30 in France. Is on Ile-de-France, The same rate goes beyond the bar set by the government 36,20.

too much, Public Health France This makes it clear Incidence rate Represents the number of people tested positive for a first time over 60 days (in combination with RT-PCR and antigenic tests) compared to population size. It has been voiced One lakh inhabitants Allows you to compare geographical areas.

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The rate of occurrence may vary depending on the screening activity and the time reporting results. Each section is categorized according to three colors: red sections High incidence, Orange a Average incidence rateSections with, green, a Low incidence rate.

Incidence in El-de-France (including all age groups) 2021 June 20 Sunday :

Big crown:

Yevline (78): 31,5

Val-de-Ois (95): 41.4

Ezone (91): 33,9

Sean-et-Marne (77): 29,5

Small crown and Paris:

Val-de-Marne (94): 36.9

Sain-St-Denis (93): 43.3

Huts-de-Sain (92): 31,4

Paris (75): 39.6

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