Incident rate 109: Kovid-19: 15 DCs and 930 new cases pass this week

Incident rate 109: Kovid-19: 15 DCs and 930 new cases pass this week

Prefecture said in its weekly report that 15 people had lost their lives as a result of this week’s Kovid-19. The youngest patient was 45 years old. Within seven days, 930 new Kovid-19 cases were detected. The incident rate rises to 109 per lakh residents. The proportion of variants exceeds 61.2%. There are 33 clusters registered in the department. Below we publish a press release from Prefecture and ARS. (Illustrated photo rb /

Statistics for the last 7 days show a slight increase in the number of cases where the weekly incidence continues to exceed the 100/100 000 resident limit.

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the Prefecture and the local health agency apologized for announcing that the deaths of 15 patients over the age of 45 had occurred in the last 7 days, two of whom had gone to La Runion for medical vacation.

From March 13 to 19, 930 cases were reported, which means that the rate of weekly incidents increased slightly to 109/100 000 residents, up from 106/100 000 residents last week.

In 930 new cases:

912 cases are classified as indigenous,

16 cases are classified imports,

2 cases are divided into secondary autocones.

From March 13 to 19, 1,303 tests were tested and one variant was found to be difficult. Overall, 803 variants (726 South Africans or Brazilians, 77 British), a ratio of 61.2%.

Of the 14,064 cures and 102 deaths since the onset of the health crisis, 1,395 cases are still active in the region.

15,561 cases were investigated by ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance, of which 89.6% were local cases.

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As of March 23, 2021, 33 clusters are active and 153 are closed.

In active clusters, we note:

10 “critical levee” clusters located in Le Port (1), Etang-Sal (1), St.-Denis (1), St.-Joseph (1), St. Louis (1), St.-Paul (3), and St. – Pierre (2).

10 “moderate critical” clusters located in Port (2), St. Benoit (1), St. Denis (3), St. Louis (1), St. Paul (1) and St. Pierre (2).

There are still many clusters in the workplace: on return, it is really necessary to strengthen the work wherever possible and to be extremely careful about the catering time by avoiding as many collective structures as possible.

As for other indicators, it should be noted:

The lowest rate is 117.3 / 100,000 for 15-24 year olds.

The lowest rate is 155.7 / 100,000 for 25-34 year olds,

The rate of 153/100 000 increases by 22.9% in 35-44 year olds,

14.4 per cent increase over 87.4 / 100,000 over 65 years.

80/100 000 disease rate decreases by 13% in people over 75 years of age,

The standard test positive rate is 6.5%, but this is well above the vigilance limit (5%).

Many screenings are down (4.8%) compared to last week.

As of March 22, Kovid-19 positive patients occupied 52 resuscitation beds out of the 122 resuscitation beds recorded on Reunion Island.

Although the indicators show a stable situation, the Kovid-19 epidemic continues in La Runion. The situation may change quickly. As the school holidays come to an end, it is important for everyone to be vigilant in the workplace and with family: observe restraining gestures, limit social contact, and respect curfew.

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It is essential that priority people volunteer for vaccination:

EHPAD residents and elderly patients in healthcare facilities, including follow-up care and rehabilitation services

Adults living in independent living quarters, serviced residences and other specialized accommodation

People with disabilities live in special shelters and shelters with medical care

Anyone over the age of 75

At least one pathology between the ages of 60 and 74 (now 65 years of age) is defined by the High Council of Public Health as having the risk of severe Kovid-19 *

Patients with a high-risk pathology of Kovid-19 *

Salaried and liberal health care professionals

Medical Secretaries

Staff of medical and social institutions and services for the elderly or disabled

Home Help Service Staff for the Elderly and Disabled


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