In What Way the Car Industry Can Combat the Covid-19

Car Industry

No one saw it coming, not even the car business owners who already drafted a plan on how to increase customer engagement and sales conversion.

While many businesses have had to close their doors because of the Coronavirus, others are forging ahead through innovative means.

The car industry faced its challenges, no doubt, with new car registrations dropping to as low as 63% in March 2020. It didn’t end there, as dealers in the importation of fairly used vehicles also saw a decline in sales by 48.1%.

With this challenge staring at most car dealers in the face, could it be the fall of dealers who aren’t prepared for such an uncertain time as this, or would this crisis give rise to better management, innovative sales methods, and a more effective virtual customer engagement?

Sooner or later, we are going to find out.

Already most dealers are rising to the occasion by listing new and fairly used vehicles on their online platforms. They are also upgrading their services by attending promptly to requests and inquiries sent in through calls, chats, and emails.

Since showrooms are physically inaccessible, due to the “stay at home” order.

What Are Car Manufacturers Doing?

Let’s take a cue from how car manufacturers are adjusting their business with the New Norm. Hyundai has already relaunched its ‘Assurance Job Loss Protection’ scheme, which aims at supporting its customers who are finding it hard to cope financially due to the pandemic. Hyundai is taking on up to six months of payments on vehicles purchased between March 14th to April 30th.

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Ford has also extended their support to their customers by coming up with the ‘Peace of Mind’ scheme, that allows customers to defer six months of payment for vehicles purchased in these austere times. These major car manufacturing companies have, through these platforms, found a way to maintain relevance and sustain the trust of their customers.

Car dealers and the insurance industry can recover quickly as well by coming up with similar strategies like offering flexible payment options, introducing no-contact sales practices, and giving more attention to their virtual audience through their customer service department.

What Car Dealers Can Do In These Times

One thing is sure, during and after the Corona virus, it’s not going to be Business As Usual. Hence, dealers must continue to make it clear through their online platforms that they are still open for business.

By adding a live chat channel to their company website, customers can be attended to promptly; if they have any inquiries. Also, social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and so on, should be managed properly, because most potential buyers would be online more often than before.

Another strategy that car dealers can implement is to drive the idea of a no-contact delivery through their online platforms. Doing this will help customers feel safe and secure, especially because many out there are already aware that the virus can be passed on; through contact.

No Customer will like to put their health at risk in a bid to fulfil their desires for luxury. Hence, being able to firmly assure them of a successful no-contact delivery, through video samples can go a long way in helping them give it a try.

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The British car comparison website launched a ‘Delivery and Disinfections’ platform that allows car dealers to promote remote services such as virtual tours, home test drives, and the likes. We have also seen dealers promote their showroom virtually, thereby making it clear that sale will continue for the dealer who knows how to innovate and leverage their online channels.


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