In Tunisia, Najla Boden has been appointed Prime Minister

In Tunisia, Najla Boden has been appointed Prime Minister

For the first time, a woman will head the Tunisian government. President Kayse Syed Najla Bodan has been asked to form a government in Tunisia, the presidency announced on Wednesday (September 29). End of JulyAfter months of political turmoil, Mr Syed fired his former cabinet. Frozen Parliament He was also given judicial powers.

M.Me It was Boden “Responsibility to form a government as soon as possible”, The president said in a statement, repeating the behavior “Historical” The first appointment of a head of government in Tunisia. “This is an honor for Tunisia and a tribute to Tunisian women.”

The power decreased

The powers vested in the head of government were significantly reduced “Extraordinary Steps” On September 22, Shri. Now, based “Extraordinary Steps” Took time to make a series “Political Reforms”, Head of State, Executive Officer, Chairman of the Cabinet.

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Born in 1958, he is a trained scientistMe Bowden, from the city of Cairo, is unknown to the general public. Prior to his unexpected appointment, M.A.Me Bowden was the managing director of the Higher Education Reform Project. Previously, this doctor in Geology was in charge of the mission and then the Director General of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Since Habib became president of Bourgeois, a code of personal status was enacted for them, and in 1956 – which outlawed polygamy and divorce and approved divorce – made Tunisia a leading Maghreb country in the forefront of women’s emancipation.

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“Tribute to a Tunisian woman”

However, President Syed, who is considered conservative in terms of morality, was criticized during the campaign and was unexpectedly elected by the end of 2019 for opposing a law that allows equality between men and women in inheritance.

The video was released after President Bowden was received in his office and instructed to form a new government and present it to him. “In the next few hours or days”.

Shri “Historical” The appointment of a woman to lead the government for the first time in Tunisia. “This is an honor for Tunisia and an honor for Tunisian women.”

In this video, only the president speaks, and on one side of the screen you can see a photo of a group of women visiting the southern city’s popular city of Cite Hell for pottery on August 13th, Women’s Day. Of Tunis.

Will be the main mission of the future government “To end the rampant corruption and anarchy in many state institutions”, Mr. Zayed, said at his interlocutor’s address.

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