In this high-tech-high-tech fashion, the iPhone 14 will be ahead of the iPhone 15

In this high-tech-high-tech fashion, the iPhone 14 will be ahead of the iPhone 15

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 at 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

For Apple iPhones though, it’s too late for the physical SIM card slot to become obsolete.

Soon there was a rumor that Apple would remove the physical SIM slot on the iPhone 15 to switch to eSIM, but the latest report indicates that the line IPhone 14 That would be a huge step forward when Apple removes the physical SIM completely.

The report comes from MacRumors, and a leak from an unknown source indicates that Apple will launch an eSIM-only iPhone in September 2022. It’s not clear if this will happen to all iPhone 14 members or just some versions.

Previously, MacRumors had said that the change to eSIM would happen on the iPhone 15, so while this may not be the case on the iPhone 14, reports suggest that Apple will soon be accelerating the conversion. All current iPhone models have eSIM support but have a physical SIM slot. In fact, the iPhone 13 Series can use dual SIM with 2 SIM cards, making it the first iPhone to achieve this.

Other iPhones in the iPhone XR era have dual SIM modes that support eSIM, but the other SIM must be a physical nano SIM. So Apple gradually wants to upgrade the iPhone with all eSIMs and see it as the only format supported on its phones. With the removal of the physical SIM, Apple will move on to creating portless iPhones.

The iPhone 14 will be ahead of the iPhone 15 with this excellent technology - 3

In general, not only the iPhone, but many other smartphones will abandon the physical SIM to switch to the full eSIM. The question is when that transition will happen and when Apple will make it.

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The iPhone 15 Pro will do what no other smartphone can do

Apple is reportedly not going to offer any physical SIM card slots on the iPhone Pro until 2023.

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