“In these times of disconnection, paradox is a moving idea.”

"In these times of disconnection, paradox is a moving idea."

P.For me it all started with a sombrero. A few years ago, the hat became the subject of controversy at Bodoine College in Maine, one of the best small universities in the country. A student of Colombian descent decided to have a birthday party for a friend, whose invitation reads: “Theme is tequila ചെയ്യുക Do it with you. In addition to the Mexican drink, guests were also given mini zombrero for guests, many of which were put on their hair. Some took pictures and they soon found themselves on social networks.

Suddenly, the forces of political correctness fell on those concerned. Many of the participants were included in the university’s “social quarantine.” The party hosts had to leave the student dormitory. Baddoin accuses ‘racist stereotyping’ and student office – in an article Washington Post – A “Declaration of Solidarity” was issued to all those “injured or affected” in this incident, which he considered an act of “cultural utilization”.

But the following week, as a delicious coincidence of the calendar, the University Canteen hosted a Mexican themed dinner I could not think of: « Sombrero had no one to eat their guacamole. “ This is another way of saying that this kind of paradox always happens when you lose all paradoxes.

The drama of political absurdity

Paradox is a moving concept, especially in these confusing times. I’m writing these lines amid what has been described as a stage for political absurdity, and a U.S. president continues to argue that the most rigorously governed election in recent history has been brought down. Was stolen, and his lawyer Rudolf Giuliani gave a crazy sentence about baseless mistakes. Seeing Mr. Giuliani literally watching Wild Live, I thought to myself: If this is an opera, it will definitely be Pagliachi, Won by Rugero Leoncovallo. But this caustic commentary is merely an attempt at humor on a subject – to subvert democracy – and it is not humorous.

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Similarly, at a time when many heads of state are being guided by authoritarian perspectives – from Donald Trump to Jair Bolsonaro to Victor Orban, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan – can we really afford it? Is there a paradox about such rhetoric? Especially when more than 70 million Americans voted enthusiastically for Mr. Trump. Or, according to a recent poll, more than 70% still believe the election was rigged.

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