In the wake of the rising tide, Shanghai has decided to impose a temporary lockdown on regions. The world

In the wake of the rising tide, Shanghai has decided to impose a temporary lockdown on regions.  The world

The city of Shanghai will be imprisoned according to sectors to try to reduce the epidemic curve of the virus. Kovid-19 It’s coming back ChinaDue to ômicron variant – Local authorities were informed this Sunday (27).

With a population of 25 million, The largest city in China will limit its eastern half to five days, To conduct tests from this Monday (28). From April 1, The west side will do the same.

In recent days, the metropolis has become the epicenter of a new wave of epidemics across China, which began to accelerate in early March.

The Public Health Commission has announced 4,500 new cases in the last 24 hoursThousands less than recorded in recent days, but much higher than the numbers of the last two years.

Until now, Shanghai had avoided accepting a complete lockdown because officials felt it was necessary to keep the port and the city’s financial center open to protect the national and international economy.

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The eastern part of the city, Pudong, was initially restricted to include the International Airport and the Metropolis Economic District.

The Bund’s historic artery is located on the west bank of the Puxi, bordering April 1, on the banks of the Huangpu River that runs through the city.

Exemptions refer to health care workers, transportation workers, and those involved in the distribution of electricity, gas or food products.

Buses, taxis and subways have stopped operating, but it is unknown at this time what will happen to port operations on the Shanghai-operated trains and planes.

Currently, Shanghai and Jilin are the worst-affected areas.

Chinese authorities are also alarmed at how the wave of omikron in Hong Kong has claimed large numbers of victims among adults who have not been vaccinated.

Its subsequent expansion into the mainland of China has created a crisis for officials, who are wondering how strongly they should react.

Although it is much lower than other countries, current infections are one of the highest in China since the launch of the Kovid-19 pandemic in Wuhan in December 2019.

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