In the wake of the government crisis, Matteo Renzi flies to Riyadh for a 20-minute conference. He is on the board of a Saudi institution that promoted the event

In the wake of the government crisis, Matteo Renzi flies to Riyadh for a 20-minute conference.  He is on the board of a Saudi institution that promoted the event

For a month and a half he ventilated, threatened, and then got it Government crisis. But in the days that followed, things seemed to get harder for the country with the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte One step away from resignation Election Risk Fully pandemic plus concrete, Matteo Renzi Flew inside Saudi Arabia To attend an international event. He reveals it Emiliano Fitipaldi In the newspaper Tomorrow, Claims to be the leader of Italy alive Is sittingAdvisory Board Of the government institution which organized the enterprise. A meeting that, according to the newspaper, “guarantees” him $ 80,000 per year“If you have participated in it All meetings On the calendar. after that The Prime Minister announced his desire to leave yesterday Quirinal To resign his orderHowever, Renzi had to return tonight Rome. The program provided that he had attended two days of the event FII InstituteA body governing the Saudi Sovereign Fund on innovation issues in the post-pandemic world. Not just as an interventionist speaker Yes 20 minutesThe lecture is one of the most lucrative of his 2019 tax revenues – But, in fact, as a member of the firm’s advisory board.

The flight to Riyadh was also confirmed by his staff, in a note explaining the circumstances of the trip: “Matteo Renzi is not in Riyadh for the യൂറോ 50,000 conference, but a International event Over the years, many spokespersons from around the world on finance, innovation and world politics, organized by the PIF Fund, have participated. More information can be found on the FII Institute website, where many of Rignano’s senators appear. Speaker, tra cui Anand Mahindra, Jean Todd, CEO of Goldman Sachs David M. Solomon, Jean-Bernard Levy. According to the program of the event, Renzi must have spoken on the evening of January 28th, 8.30 am to 8.50 pm, Entitled “Redefining Leadership for the Post-Kovid Period: How to Inspire Economic Renaissance in the 21st Century”. Next to his name is the formal confirmation of his role in the Government Body: “Member of the Board of Trustees”. Newspaper Tomorrow Renzi still claims to be attending the Saudi event, By connecting remotely Like many other speakers, and “The Attendance fee The agreement guarantees ”(on the other hand, the conference takes place For free). Everything Head of State Is called Consultations His party Italia Viva is expected Thursday at 17.30 in Quirinale.

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The assignment for the FII Institute – an organization in which journalist Fitipaldi Renzi has been participating since 2017 – has therefore been included in several other lectures given by former Prime Minister Palazzo Chigi since he left. According to the latest tax return recently published Senate website, In 2019, he collected one million, 92 thousand, 131 euros and paid 425 thousand, 655 euros in taxes.. A large part of the events he attends around the world come from: two years ago in January he met Goldman Sachs in New York and then again in Riyadh. Saudi Commission for Tourism. In March he landed in the emirate for two events and returned to London for Algebra. In the same year, another visit to the capital of Saudi Arabia is being prepared for the Economic Zone Conference. In May, he will visit the Swiss Economic Forum and Astana in Interlaken Kazakhstan For the Twelfth Economic Forum. Then there are the invitations China, In Seoul, Athens. All the events that accompanied his political career, the last action was to bring the Italian delegation alive. Yellow and red government.

Explains the journey to the Middle East Media silence Renzi has been steadfast for the past few days, After the week’s attendance Television launches, In the news and major newspapers. PD, Movimento 5 Stelle and Liu were finally committed to averting the fall of the executive, which soon became effective between January 25 and 26, when he sent his men forward to try to deal with the situation and “request renewal.”DialogAn attempt to avoid accusations that a crisis has erupted in the midst of an epidemic. Only today, the leader of the Fourth, who had returned from Riyadh, wrote a new one E-News. “The lack of numbers was noticed by President Conte and he resigned,” he writes. “Days later Mud Against us, everything is clear. Italia Viva did not open the crisis: Italy is facing a crisis that will shake your wrist. “He returns to the problems already solved by causing tears to the majority:” By 2020, we will be in the worst position in the world as GDP, a Population / Death For Kovid, it’s like the number of school days the kids have lost. In his opinion, that’s why it should be done. “What the country needs, To its teachers, workers and youth: Serious governmentOf the Legislature providing concrete and unavoidable answers to the dramatic challenges of the Pandemic ”. Then the promise: “We will go to Quirinal Without prejudice. For us, the priority is not only the financial crisis, but also to help citizens recover from this crisis. Recovery is a waste of money, Waste time on vaccines, delay school returns, and live off subsidies Unforgivable mistakes“.

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