In the video with his Irish “cousin”, Joe Biden plays the clover trump card

In the video with his Irish "cousin", Joe Biden plays the clover trump card

Beyond sight

The ritual is seventy years old. Since sending a bundle of clover to Irish Ambassador to the United States Harry Truman on March 17, 1952, every American president has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland. So, on March 17, Joe Biden spoke to the Irish Prime Minister via Zoom and recalled the great. “Proximity” Between two countries. If Michael Martin, who tested Kovid-19 positive the day before the meeting, had not been inside the White House, he would have been very close.

Club Trump

Under the circumstances, Joe Biden was careful to decorate his office in the colors of Ireland. From parts Trivial pursuit Sometimes playing separately from a historical story, keep in mind that it’s VAnd In the twentieth century, during a sermon passed on to posterity, St. Patrick made the plant a symbol of Ireland. Patrick catches a shamrock to explain to the natives about the Trinity, to visualize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Smart.

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Boot in touch

Ready to do anything to please, Joe Biden had a bunch of Irish clover tucked in the pocket of his jacket. A choice that is more surprising than it sounds, because plants and masculine elegance have long been integrated. Thus, in France, since the seventeenth century, men have been wearing real flowers on their buttonholes.And Century. At the time, this accessory even performed a real function. The flowers in question hid the body odor of men who were not more concerned about beauty than their appearance.

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Like a foot

When it comes to diplomacy, it’s indifference. So in this picture, Joe Biden wears a green tie with navy polka dots, and a pair of navy socks with green polka dots are sent back to us: Did this tie and this sock sell like a kit? ? If so, did an assistant look for department stores for him? Does all this really make sense from a purely aesthetic point of view? At this point, we only have the answer to the last question.

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Living portrait

If Michael Martin had not been physically present at the White House on March 17, Abraham Lincoln would have watched Joe Biden with a full beard and piercing gaze. This exact portrait of the 16th President of the United States In 2015, there was a moment of astonishing glory when an American parody site claimed that Barack Obama used a painting of his dog Bo to pull it off the walls. Provoked the wrath of the lowest Republicans in the front.

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