In the United States, the Supreme Court lifts the moratorium on rent evictions

In the United States, the Supreme Court lifts the moratorium on rent evictions

The Supreme Court of the United States, on Thursday, August 26, lifted the moratorium on the eviction of tenants, but it is scheduled for October. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of homeowners, arguing that they are victims of unwarranted action and that it is up to Congress to decide whether to renew a moratorium – not health officials who were here before the start of the proceedings.

The first moratorium on evictions was set in 2020, and around the world, as the United States faced the first waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, it led to social hardship and a staggering unemployment rate. When the moratorium expired at the end of July, the administration of President Joe Biden called on U.S. lawmakers to enact legislation to extend it.

Elected officials did not win before Congress stopped working for the summer holidays. The Left of the Democratic Party then increased pressure on Corey Bush, an elected member of the House who has been camping for days in front of the Congress seat. Health officials ended that way Decide for yourself a new moratorium, Then rely on public health risks to justify their decision.

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The risk to Kovid-19 increased

“If an eviction moratorium imposed by federal authorities is to continue, Congress must give it special approval.”The Supreme Court swept the 15-page argument with a conservative majority. The White House immediately announced it “Disappointment”. “Because of this decision, families will face painful evictions, and communities across the country will be at increased risk for Kovid-19.”, Spokesman for the President of the United States Jen Zaki lamented.

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‚ÄúPresident Biden is once again calling on all possible institutions From cities and states to local courts, landowners, and ministry agencies Take immediate action to prevent evacuation. “, She added.

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The U.S. executive expected the moratorium to be questioned in court, but hoped it would give them enough time to pay the rental funds, which would help them pay their rent, but their payments were significantly slower.

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