In the UK, suits are banned during Minion 2 screenings (it’s funny)

In the UK, suits are banned during Minion 2 screenings (it's funny)

In the UK, the People in costume are denied entry to theaters showing Minions 2. We explain the reason for this strange decision.

In France, Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Adjust it In theaters Wednesday, July 6Unlike in the United Kingdom, the movie is broadcast from 1is July. However, English operators had to deal with A At least a strange phenomenon what Steps taken to contain it.

The birth of “Gentlemen” on TikTok

This second opus is coming Seven years After Minions In 2015, The release of the movie is a real event for some fansIn the literal sense of the word.

It all started with one Hashtag on TikTok. To celebrate the return of their little yellow heroes, the fans started #Gentlemen. Collecting too much 17 million views On TikTok, this hashtag invites viewers to watch the movie Among the and having Dressed to the nines. The result: groups of young people (we’re not going to lie to each other: practically Boys only) and flock to movie theaters dressed as A great ceremony. This mind-blowing video gives a good overview:

Entry to well-dressed spectators is prohibited

The problem is that an innocent joke quickly turned sour. Testimonies began to abound to condemn A lot overflows In sessions: screaming, Disputes with openers even Bananas thrown across the screen “Banana!” With the cry », one of the distinguishing marks of Minions.

works Filmed and later posted on Tik Tok, increasing the magnitude of the phenomenon. English films started later in an attempt to stop it Filter and reject entries Adolescent and youth groups Came to watch the movie in costume. At the entrance to several rooms one can read, for example:

« Due to the inconvenience caused by the hashtag #gentleminions, any group of people in evening dress will be denied entry to theaters showing The Minions 2. Thanks. »

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