In the summer, the desire for a barbecue grows: Tips for organizing a roast meat in the best way

In the summer, the desire for a barbecue grows: Tips for organizing a roast meat in the best way

The summer season is ideal to spend more days in the street, in front of the drum, which is probably a good grill plate. Moment of sensitivity, the Barbecue On the terrace or in the garden it should be organized at the right time and with the right care. To reveal a secrets Bbq Perfect thinking about it Chef Simon Rugiatti, Ambassador of Irish Meat Italy. “Barbecue is probably the most primitive cooking technique,” ​​he explains Wrinkles -. However, this is not as simple as one might think. In fact, there are many variables to consider. “So, nothing should be left to chance: from charcoal preparation to meat selection, from spices to marinades, from cooking time to combinations.

The raw materials must be of good quality woundsThat, in turn, should be chosen appropriately according to the barbecue. Recommended for use in Rugiati Marinated royalty and sarloin Dry to prevent grease from falling on the smoky embers. More purified and spices, such as ma rabhyavasana to provide a separate peace drum, fried peppers and cook, suggest that you use a good quality, if necessary, suggest nilattuvilanum sampustamakkanum at that time, cumin, coriander, soap, and fennel. At the scene. You can use powdered mustard for the balsamic portion, and for those who prefer a liquid marinade, add a portion of sugar based on honey or curry syrup, which allows cooking, drying, and retaining the internal moisture of the meat and gaining meat. Shiny lacquer on the outside. It is best not to add fatty ingredients to the marinade, as they can cause violent flames and damage the meat. Sad tears the delicate flesh of oil increase, the rumors are concerned, it is best to use sweet jyusukalil alinnupeakatirikkan coarse grains.

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Not to be underestimated Brace. To avoid damaging the meat, it is not recommended to use chemical activators such as tablets and liquids to burn charcoal. Those inexperienced in lighting operations should rely on so-called advice, briquettes and capsules, which can be easily ignited with a gas torch, creating a low flame and maintaining a constant temperature. Water evaporation is very useful to quell high flames, so they do not touch the meat directly.

I Cooking time Consider several factors, first and foremost the thickness of the meat. For professional results, it is recommended to use Rugiati a Thermometer To obtain a medium cooking that preserves the juices and gives the meat a nice pink color, to ensure that the heart temperature of the meat reaches 62/63 സെ C. The best results are obtained by removing the meat from the refrigerator at least an hour and a half before the BBQ.

If there is incomplete without a glass of ice cold biyarineappam barbecue. Light beer – even if you prefer a more complete flavor and double malt – is perfect for simple and fast cooking, while adding more advanced, for example, liquid marinades or refined spices, the perfect match with a classic Irish stout, with a vague dark color and strong flavor.

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