In the seventeenth century the mummified bishop discovered the human embryo


Winstrap, place the fetus in its coffin. (Kresevinska et al., J. Archiol. Science Rep., 2021)

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In 1679, Bishop Ledder Pederson Winstrop, bishop of Churches in Sweden and Denmark, died. However, as he was a noble and pious man, his body was mummified after his death and safely incorporated into the Lund family cathedral. For those who do not understand the subject, I can assume that everything is in the best order.

But in 2012, a discovery was made. The moment Winstrap’s coffin moved, the researchers used the unique opportunity to study their remains a little more. However, while examining the remains, scientists found a small fraction other than that of the fetus Lund Peder.

The secret of the fetus and the mummified bishop

Fetuses found in calves range from 5 to 6 months of gestation. In those days it was very common to find baby remains, but only as long as they were kept together with the mother. At the time, researchers were curious as to why the fetus was hidden inside the coffin of an important person.

The baby is not included in the coffin in any way, but is hidden so that no one else knows about its presence. According to Torbjorn Ulstrom, an archaeologist at the University of Lund in Sweden, it is not uncommon for adults to place babies in coffins. The suspicion is after the fetus is buried.


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