In the Philippines, Netflix has withdrawn a series approving China’s expansion policy

Au Vietnam, Netflix a supprimé l'intégralité de Pine Gap, tandis qu'aux Philippines seulement deux épisodes ont été retirés.

Two episodes of the platform series have been deleted Pine gap, Presents a map of Beijing’s regional claims in the China Sea.

Netflix has withdrawn two episodes of an Australian spy series from its platform in the Philippines following a complaint from Manila. The country’s capital has condemned footage showing a map integrating Beijing’s regional claims in the South China Sea, which is still in dispute. China and the Philippines, in particular, claim part of the South China Sea, which is an important and resource-rich global maritime route.

The Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that it had lodged a complaint about the territory claimed by China on a map summarized in the play. Pine gap From Netflix to the Philippine Broadcasting Authority. On the American giant’s platform, episodes two and three are tagged with the words “”.This episode was removed at the request of the government”, Without knowing exactly when they were removed from the platform. Netflix contacted AFP but did not respond.

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Local broadcasting authorities believe that some of the episodes violate Philippine sovereignty.Not suitable for public displayThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. This representation “This is not a coincidence as it was deliberately designed and calculated to convey a particular message.“China’s regional claims in this case”LegalThe ministry said this citing the decision of the Broadcasting Authority.

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Rachel Arenas, president of the Broadcasting Authority, assured AFP that Netflix had been ordered to delete episodes two, three and four. Episode four is available every Monday.

Earlier this year, Vietnam filed a complaint on the same issue, prompting Netflix to withdraw its entire six-episode drama series across the country. Beijing has ignored a 2016 international tribunal ruling that said its claim over most of the South China Sea was baseless. Conflict over a waterway between Manila and Beijing escalated in March after hundreds of Chinese boats were found inside the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.

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