In the Parisian rain, very young and a few adults show support for the Palestinian cause

In the Parisian rain, very young and a few adults show support for the Palestinian cause

Despite the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel taking effect from Thursday, May 20, to Friday, May 21, numerous demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people took place on Saturday in Paris and the provinces (Lyon, Strasbourg, Lille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Saint-Etienne, and Annecy). In the capital, it was the first recognized demonstration since a banned demonstration on Saturday, May 15, which saw a significant deployment of police forces. But the prefecture of the police did not allow the organizers’ request to hold a parade between the places of the Republic and Bastille, and suggested to be satisfied with a static convergence. Another was scheduled for Sunday afternoon at the same location.

The two water cannons assembled for the ceremony on Saturday do not have to work, and the sky watches as rain falls at regular intervals for the 3,000 protesters who have gathered under the statue of the Republic. The massive deployment of the police cordon at the time of the dispersal was evident as it was unnecessary. The only incident of the afternoon was when a small group of high school students lit the Israeli flag and hoisted the Iranian flag amidst the insults from the audience.

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Bad weather or infrequent attendance – a quarter of the square was filled with protests, along with three other rallies against the debt of African nations and the rights of the Tigris – the future of Gonas’ arable land. Destroy the joy with Lina’s best friend and second sister, a third-year college student from Willepint (Sean-Saint-Denis). The younger girls made their own cardboard markings, caricaturing emotional slogans and a statue of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is the first time Lina has performed, and the second is to her friend Lilia. Elder sister, medical intern Ines (26) herself a “Old Road” Of the Palestinian cause.

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For three girls, supporting Palestine goes without saying: “This is not a question of religion or language. We as human beings feel the touch ”, Summarizes Ines who wants to work one day for Menezes Sans Frontieres campaigning for school support. His first performance? That was after the attack Charlie Hebdo. » “Palestine, we always talked about it at home.”It is clear that they are of Algerian descent. Two younger Lina and Lilia wanted to discuss the subject in class with their history and geography teacher: “They warned us that this is a very complex issue and that we need to know it well before we talk about it., This Lina. She said everyone has their own vision and they need to be respected. We agree with them, the question we do not yet fully understand, and we know that everyone has their own sensitivity. “

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