In the middle of the Pacific, Point Nemo, where spacecraft crash and die

In the middle of the Pacific, Point Nemo, where spacecraft crash and die

Named after Captain Nemo, the legendary navigator who sailed under the control of the submarine Nautilus in the novel. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Meaning “no one” in Latin. If so, what is the most appropriate name to determine the location of the globe farthest from any Earth that has arisen?

Point Nemo is literally in the middle, calculated by the coordinates of the Croatian-Canadian scientist Hrvoje Lukatella in 1992. The nearest territories are Ducey in the north (one of the Pitcairn Islands), Motu Nuyi in the northeast (an island not far from Easter Island), and Maher Island in the south (outside of Antarctica).

All of these islands are 2,704.8 km from Point Nemo. The nearest urban land is Easter Island, one of the most isolated settlements in the world. The extreme distance of any surface makes it an ideal base for space structures that have completed their work and are about to collapse on Earth.

Before the exact location of Point Nemo could be determined, it was in this area that space agencies submerged satellites and space stations indestructibly as they entered the atmosphere.

Space Cemetery

Salon Interesting EngineeringAfter their good and faithful service in orbit, 263 space structures retired to the Pacific Ocean floor.

The best ones include the remains Russian station Mir (1986-2001) NASA Skylab (1973-1979). When the International Space Station (ISS) makes its big dive to Earth, in principle by 2031, it too will fail at Point Nemo.

In addition to not endangering humans or their equipment, Nemo Point has the advantage of being very poor in aquatic life because it is in the middle. South Pacific Subtropical Gair, A gigantic circular electric current. This marine phenomenon removes nutrients from its core and makes them uninhabitable for living things.

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The connection of this geographical point with the place does not end there. Point Nemo is so far removed from all human life that sometimes the closest people to it are outside the atmosphere.

Indeed, ISS’s orbit is about 415 km above the Earth’s surface: when it flies over the Pacific and is above Nemo Point, the astronauts it contains are six times closer than the inhabitants of Easter Island.

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