In the life of a racehorse, in Ireland with Irish racehorse experience

In the life of a racehorse, in Ireland with Irish racehorse experience
Kildare, December 27, 2020 – The Irish Racehorse Experience at National Stud is a journey through the rich history and heritage of the entire world of Irish racing.

This multilingual experience tells the whole life of a racehorse from birth to retirement.

Gives you the opportunity to participate in an interactive auction, buy a foil and learn about training, jockeys and anatomy

In addition to providing the opportunity to experience the dynamic atmosphere of a race, this experience is a must for all horse lovers.

At the end of the route, in the Living Legend room, from the wide windows, above the wide paddocks, just below your eyes, you can think of some famous retired race horses grazing peacefully there.

Everything is usable (Kovid-19 permitting)Irish National Stud & Gardens, In County Kildare.

Congratulations Ireland, Every racehorse there is a treasure: here horse racing runs into smuggling

Remember that Horse supply chain In Northern Ireland it moves like this 235 million euros Annually (most of which is spent on caring for, training and spending horses) employs 3,000 full-time and regular staff and maintains its base Suitechnical legacy 34,000 Kavalli e Pony, Mostly used for leisure or sports.

Please note: Northern Ireland has a total population of 1,852,000 There is one horse for every 54 people; Keeping a pony in Verde Isola costs an average of ,500 5,500 per year.

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