In the images, the technology reveals the shape of the “first pregnant Egyptian mummy”.

In the images, the technology reveals the shape of the "first pregnant Egyptian mummy".

Analyzed Mummified womanKnown as “The Mysterious Lady,” last year a team of Polish researchers found evidence of a fetus inside her stomach.

Scientists believe she died about two thousand years ago, in the 28th week of puberty. She was probably between 20 and 30 years old.

Experts used her skull and other remains to create two images that show what she looked like when she lived in the first century BC.

“Our bones, and especially the skull, provide a lot of information about a person’s face,” said Chantal Melani, an Italian forensic anthropologist and member of the Warsaw Mummy Project. A set of shapes and proportions will appear on the final face.

They added: “The face covering the skeleton follows different anatomical rules, so normal procedures can be applied to reconstruct it, for example to define the shape of the nose. The most important factor is the reconstruction of the soft tissue thickness in many places on the surface of the bones the face.

What do we know about the “mystery woman”?

  • It is believed to have been foundMysterious LadyAt the beginning of the 19th century, in royal tombs benevolent In Upper Egypt, it belonged to the elite of a good society. The mummy is believed to be the first mummy known to contain a fetus.
  • The mummy dates back to the 1st century BC Cleopatra Queen, Thebes was a vibrant city.
  • Mummy moved from Egypt to me Warsaw In December 1826, during some of the most important discoveries in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings.
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  • At first it was believed so mother The remains of the priest Horgyoti, but it was discovered in 2016. Mummified woman. Her body was carefully wrapped in tarps, leaving behind a rich set of amulets to accompany her in the “afterlife”..
  • The mummy of “The Mysterious Lady” is now on display at the National Museum in Warsaw.

The two forensic experts, along with researchers from the University of Warsaw, wanted to “reconstruct” the mummy using 2D and 3D techniques to recreate the mummy’s face.

Forensic expert Hugh Morrison said: ‘Facial reconstruction is used in forensic medicine to help identify bodies when more conventional methods of identification such as fingerprint identification or DNA analysis are not practical.

Why did you cause controversy?

  • The “pregnant mummy” has caused a lot of controversy. Last January, the Journal of Archaeological Sciences published Dr. A scientific article by Sahar Selim has been published. They refute the hypothesis of the Polish researchers, of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
  • In the first study, published in the journal Archaeological Sciences, the Polish team hypothesized that the mummy, initially thought to be a priest, was a female mummy between the ages of 26 and 30 weeks old, whose mother had died of natural causes.

  • In previous statements to “Sky News Arabia”, Cairo University radiologist Sahar Selim rejected the reasons that led him to believe there was no fetus inside the mummy.
  • “When I read the published scientific study,” Celine said mother The pregnant woman did not respond to the media at the time, preferring to respond by publishing a scientific article refuting the mistakes made by Polish archaeologists.
  • “What they thought was a fetus was actually a roll used for embalming,” Salim says.
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