In the coming days, China will try to land a Mars on the surface of Mars

In the coming days, China will try to land a Mars on the surface of Mars

The Beijing space agency said on Friday that China would try to make a difficult strategy for landing Mars on the surface of the Red Planet within the next five days.

If the Tianwen-1 space exploration Mars landing plot is successful, it will be implemented within a few months of the US taking similar action.

“Given the current flight conditions, the Tianwen-1 probe is expected to make a landing … during Beijing from Saturday to Wednesday,” the Chinese National Space Administration said in a statement.

The space probe, which flew into orbit around Mars in February, has now reached a critical landing stage, the Chinese state-run daily Global Times reported on Friday. The investigation will land on the vast plains of Utopia.

Earth’s complex process is called “seven-minute horror” because of the large distance between Earth and Mars, scientists can not know for a few minutes whether the landing was successful.

In the past, several attempts to bring Martians to the Red Planet have failed, most recently in 2016, when the Schiaparelli probe sent by the Russian-European joint forces crashed during landing.

However, in February of this year, the US space agency NASA successfully launched the probe. Perseverance on Mars has been successfully exploring the planet ever since.

The six-wheeled Chinese Mars, solar-powered, 240-kilogram, will collect and analyze soil from the surface of Mars. He should spend about three months on this planet.

If the operation is successful, China will become the second country after the United States to land and control Mars on its surface.

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