In the 5s, Meloni Conte presses on Chavez’s money

In the 5s, Meloni Conte presses on Chavez's money

News of the revelations of former Venezuelan spy Hugo Carvajal over allegations that Hugo Chavez financed the government of some parties in the world, including the M5s, has been growing steadily throughout the day. At a climax in the afternoon, David Casaleggio was again forced to deny any kind of money transfer to his father, Gianroberto. The co-founder’s son’s response was harsh. Thanks to the Spanish daily ABC’s scoop, June 2020, the day when the news of the Venezuelan briefcase first appeared with 3.5 million euros for five stars, follows the harsh tones. “My father never took money from the Venezuelan government. The document he brought as evidence showed in Photoshop last year that Rousseau, president of the association, explains. “As I have done before, I repeat that these are fake news. I’m extremely outraged at how they are being used as a tool to discredit a person who is no longer there.”

“The trial against the Spanish newspaper ABC began a few days ago,” he recalls. And a case to intimidate anyone who raises the news of Calvajal’s statements, including Il Giornal. “To this day, all other press organs that continue to have this exception resume will be subject to legal action.”

Yet history explodes in the palaces of Italian politics. Georgia Melloni, the leader of the Brothers of Italy, was the first to ask for an explanation. “We learn from Chavez’s former military intelligence chief Hugo Carvajal that the Venezuelan government’s allied parties around the world will confirm funding for the Spanish judiciary. Sent by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and sent to Gianroberto Casaleggio “, summarizes Meloni. Who “officially and formally urges the M5s and its president, Giuseppe Conte, to clarify this news and stay politically away from the communist dictatorship in Caracas.” A parliamentary question comes from FD Deputy Augusta Montaruli. Montreal urges Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorgis to take steps to “allow foreign intervention in national policy and government elections.” Nicola Danti, MEP of Italia Viva, recalls that “no one is angry today” and that “in the European Parliament, in the last legislature, the M5s always voted against resolutions condemning the Venezuelan government.” From Iv, Senator Laura Garavini addresses Pentestellati: “Our commitment to democracy was sincere. Theirs?”

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Giovanni Favia, a former local grillino councilor from Emilia Romagna, also entered Nigu last year, talking about an email she received in 2010 from Venezuelan diplomats interested in M5s. “I do not know anything, I ‘ve never talked about handing over money,” he began talking on the phone with Il Giornal. “But I confirm my version, I had an email contact with the Venezuelan embassy shortly after I was elected to the local council in 2010,” he continues. “In fact, I was one of the leaders in the M5, and they told us they were interested and needed a meeting, because they considered it a revolutionary movement like ours – Favia says – but I did not seem to go any further. After the episode was revealed, Favia was the victim of a storm that provoked M5s deputy Francesco Bertie. “

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