In Spain, a Cleo crashes into a plane and Ryanair’s Boeing can not take off

In Spain, a Cleo crashes into a plane and Ryanair's Boeing can not take off

A few days ago, an unusual incident took place at Alcantara Airport.

There are many excuses for the delay, but this time it was worth it.

On the morning of April 12, a Ryanair flight to Manchester crashed into a Renault Cleo flight at Alicante Airport in Spain.

Airport service vehicle is below the fuselage of the Boeing 737.

Not hurt, but dissatisfied

The plane was at a standstill when the car collided with a Boeing, and the passengers had not yet boarded. This is important, otherwise they would have to disembark and the flight delay would have been much longer.

But even more unusual was the fact that the plane was empty, but the car was also empty.

Of course, the driver of the car seems to have applied his handbrake incorrectly when he parked his vehicle.

Cleo then jumped in and reportedly went straight to the plane Formula Passion.

Mandatory inspection

Although the speed of impact is low and no damage is noticed in the cabin except for aesthetics, safety inspection is mandatory even in the event of a minor incident.

So the plane was removed from the runway and inspected, which was delayed by more than an hour and a half. But the passengers arrived safely in Manchester, to tell a good story … though not.

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