In Queberറോn, “La Part des Singus”, a documentary about captains of deep-sea fishing, in paradise – Queberറോn

In Queberറോn, "La Part des Singus", a documentary about captains of deep-sea fishing, in paradise - Queberറോn

In his film “La Part des Singus”, Yannick Charles portrays three generations of deep-sea fishing captains in their 30s and 80s, five men and a woman. They believe in their work with the support of the impressive paintings shot at Lorient Harbor and at sea. Some of them will end screening on Thursday, September 23, at the Paradise de Quebers with the director showing the film and answering questions from the public. Meet.

Why this documentary?

To share with the “landlords” the fascinating and sometimes frightening world of deep sea fishing. A different world. They traveled in boats 40, 50 or 80 meters off the coast of Western Ireland or Northern Scotland. Claire is currently sailing in a tuna boat in the Indian Ocean.

What topics do you cover?

We are talking about fishing methods, of course, overfishing, the evolution of their occupations, shipwrecks, disappearances at sea, and more personal issues, especially about their families. How they deal with, or deal with, the oldest, longest absence. Some are retired, while others are still working.

Is this a movie for sailors?

No, this is a picture to show the often difficult working conditions of these fishermen who sailed from Ireland or Scotland or deep down. The story of the sailors who were free and autonomous, responsible for their crew and their boats, some of whom at the beginning of their careers today oversaw, observed and even observed on the other side of the sea. , To ensure that the quantity of fish caught is respected. How do they feel about this constant observation? This is the universal story of a changing world. “

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“La Part des Singes, opens Thursday, September 23 at 8:30 pm at Ticket Office Paradise. Phone 02 97 50 17 20 and

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