In Northern Ireland, Sinn Fin hails “a new era” and the Unionists record their defeat

In Northern Ireland, Sinn Fin hails "a new era" and the Unionists record their defeat

“Today is a very important moment of change.” For Northern Ireland. Michelle O’Neill, the Northern Irish leader of Sin Fein, said the British province a “New Age” In favor of keeping the Irish province within the British crown, the National Party now wins the local assembly against the Unionists.

This is the first time in the province’s 100 – year history that it has been in conflict since Brexit. “I will provide leadership that celebrates diversity, including all those who guarantee the rights and equality of those who have been excluded, discriminated against or neglected in the past.”M said.Me O’Neill from his counting center.

According to official results, Sinn Fin received 40% more first-preference votes than their main British rival. Experts agree that the Nationalists can no longer be caught unless the final number of seats to determine the 90 elected members of the Northern Ireland Assembly is finalized. Under the 1998 peace agreement, Michelle O’Neill will lead a successful coalition government led by nationalists and unionists.

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Risk of political paralysis

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the main union party in the Northern Ireland Assembly and hitherto dominant, suffered defeat on Saturday and recognized that the Republican of Sinn Fin was heading for a historic victory. “It certainly looks like Sinn Fin will be the first party to emerge.”DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson told Sky News that his party had repeatedly stated that it would not run for office until after the Brexit.

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Negotiations for the formation of a government certainly promise to be difficult and fraught with political paralysis, although Sinn Fin has pushed back the need for reunification in favor of social issues. The DUP provides for the participation of a new executive “Critical action” He believes the London government will threaten the integrity of the United Kingdom against post-Brexit customs restrictions in the province.

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“I want a government in Northern Ireland, but it’s on a stable footing.”Mr. Donaldson lamented, lamenting that he was carrying Northern Irish protocol “Economic ruin” Of the province and its “Political Stability”. Another party heavyweight, Edwin Boots, warned that talks would take place “Hopefully weeks, or even months”According to Northern Irish politicians, the British Minister in charge of the province, Brandon Lewis, is expected to arrive in Belfast on Monday.

Northern Ireland plunged into uncertainty in February, marking three decades of bloody unrest between unionists and separatists and the ensuing unrest following Brexit.

Boris Johnson setback

Elsewhere in the United Kingdom, where local elections took place on Thursday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party suffered a major setback, undermining “partygate” and inflation, weakening their position. The Tories lost hundreds of seats and a dozen councils to Labor and the Liberal Democrats.

Johnson said he had decided to stay in power but that these negative results were weakening him and calling into question the legitimacy of his continued support for members of his camp who are worried about the 2024 Assembly election.

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