In Moscow, Navalny jail until February 15. “Putin, the ogre of the pipeline, is afraid of the people in the square.” Demonstrations on January 23rd

In Moscow, Navalny jail until February 15.  "Putin, the ogre of the pipeline, is afraid of the people in the square."  Demonstrations on January 23rd

A few hours From arrest Of Alexei Navalny, Come back Hometown On the evening of January 17th Poison Than 5 months ago, Rival Vladimir Putin Taken to the second section of Ministry of Home Affairs In the city Khimki, Close Moscow. The first hearing took place at a police station on the outskirts of the capital, where a few minutes’ notice was given to the Russian opponent’s lawyers and several journalists were released. Navalny He will remain in custody until February 15. He faces up to three-and-a-half years in prison. He invited his followers not to be afraid and not to take to the streets. Date of parades released by Navalny’s collaborator Leonid Volkov, And January 23. “What stands above this ogre Pipeline (Or Vladimir Putin, ed), Bunker Thieves? Let people take to the streets. This is the essence of politics as it is an inalienable factor, “he said Navalny On his video appeal. The arrest soon became a new tension Russia AndWest.

“Why is the courtroom going to the police station?”, He said, “mocking justice” and “first-rate illegal”. Navalny In a video. And then a reference Vladimir Putin: “Apparently an old man Bunker (Putin, ed) Scared, he tore the penal code naked ”. The judge sentenced him to 30 days in prison. Rival Putin, 44, known for his anti-corruption probe, Navalny He was stopped when he returned on Sunday evening Russia He was convicted after the August 20 poisoning Kremlin. He fell ill on the return flight that day Moscow From the Siberian city Tomsk: The plane then stopped Omsk After a two-day diplomatic tug-of-war, he was taken to hospital Berlin.

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International condemnation is unanimous: from the UN And so on; Through the President of the Commission from the European Union Ursula von der Lane, To the U.S., through the Trump administration’s going outgoing Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, How much is selected Joe Biden Became National Security Adviser. In addition to immediate release, everyone is “demanding a comprehensive and independent inquiry into the attack on life Alexi Navalny“As he said Von der Lane. But the answer Moscow Dry: ReactionsWest They reflect an attempt to “divert attention from the crisis of the Western development model,” Russian Foreign Minister said. Sergei Lavrov.

The Russia Refuses to investigate attempted murder Navalny, Argues there is no evidence of toxicity: from analyzes performed by laboratories Germany, France e Sweden, As well as from OPAC, the activist seems to have exposed the Soviet-era neural agent Novichok, മാ Moscow The doctors who treated Navalny insist Siberia Before going to Germany They found no trace of poison. Reason for arrest Navalny The following are: Stay out of it Russia, That’s exactly it Berlin He was taken into a coma in August after consuming poison, and the Russian Prisons Service (FSIN) is seeking effective detention for violating the terms of a sentence suspended for three-and-a-half years in 2014 for fraud. . The February 2 A new hearing will be held to determine whether the sentence is suspended Navalny Should actually be turned into a prison. Meanwhile, on Saturday, January 23, the activist’s collaborator, Leonid Volkov, Called for massive protests across the country.

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