In Lido, the curtain falls on seventy-five years of feathers and frills

In Lido, the curtain falls on seventy-five years of feathers and frills

InquiryBy the end of the summer, Accor, the new owner of the Cabaret in Paris, plans to stop its legendary review. The story of the fall of a monument in Paris amidst family animosity and artistic failure.

Demands, placards, parades … When it comes to performances, Parisians know better. However, this Saturday, May 28th, spectators who were sunbathing in the garden of the Salomon de Rothschild Hotel throwing a stone from the Place de la Eto’o’s’ eyes widened at the “angry” sight. A little unusual: about thirty young men, wearing T-shirts and black leggings, rehearse – “and 1, 2, 3” – a wrestling choreography.

The Bluebell Girls and the Lido Boise, in other words, “Lido’s Dancers and Dancers”, as the symbol of Paris, like the Eiffel Tower, intended to protest in style against the abolition of the famous review. On May 9, three months after the takeover Accord Hotel Group, along with Sodexo the Champs-Elysées cabaret, has announced that it intends to set aside a panoramic enclosure for concerts. Exit servers, artists or dressers: A job security plan aimed at eliminating 157 out of 184 positions for 12 works is under discussion until August 12. It does not count the number of fixed-period or intermittent workers, hunters, feather workers, and photographers who live in the magazine.

The wonder of the night world was captured. By the end of the summer, the curtain will certainly fall on seventy-five years of feathers, makeup, and extravagance. “It simply came to our notice then. We feel that our knowledge has diminished in value because of entertainmentAssistant Ballet Master and former Lido Boy condemns Jeremy Bouche. Lido has incredible human and technical resources. A bluebell has a unique way of walking, presenting herself on stage and crossing her legs … you can’t learn that in school. ⁇

“What is being questioned is not the ability of the people, but the economic model.”Jean-Franോois Richard, who has been heading to Lido since February, answers. “I respect the teams’ attachment to Lido, but the losses can’t continue like that.”Slice Sebastian Basin, CEO of Accor.

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“Our plan is ambitious”

At an average occupancy rate of 42% since 2012, Cabaret and its backyard have shown terrible decay, generating a cumulative loss of 80 80 million. A slate that Sodexo had to mop up before acquiring the Accor operating company in February for a symbolic 1 euro. “Our plan is ambitious. We want to brighten the face of this house and write a new page in its history., Mr. Basin insists. Although it may mean resuming the score at Theater du Chatlet: Mr. Basin, who led the scene from March 2015 to February 2022, is backed by former director Jean-Luc Choplin, who turned Chatlet into a musical empire. Until we go in 2017.

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