In Kavomalias they are building a wall of windmills

In Kavomalias they are building a wall of windmills

The company “Ellactor” is preparing to set up 33 animal units at an altitude of more than 150 meters on 5,400 acres, which has changed the nature of a pristine area. Strong responses from local community organizations and associations. Complaints about division of the scheme to facilitate licensing.

Another faronic project on the construction and operation of three wind power plants, planned on the Malian Peninsula in the municipal units of Monemvasia and Vion in Monemvasia, is expected to have a stimulating impact on the environment and the economy. Area.

These are wind farms in the “Kaunos” position with 22 wind turbines (A / G) with a total capacity of 105.6 MW, and 28.8 MW with a capacity of 6 A / G in Rachus-Choneria. “Capsolucous” with 5 A / C with a total capacity of 24 MW. In total, that is, 33 beast A / G, the pylon height is 110 m, the total height is 150 m, the rotor length is 133 m and the air scanning area is 14 acres.

An area of ​​5,399.4 acres is required for the installation of ELLAKTOR’s wind turbines and the configuration of their construction squares in the required “fields”. 32,273 km of roads need to be opened for access to their installation site and the interconnection between the A / C.

For the internal interconnection of the A / G, their interaction with the medium voltage lifting substation at the “Kaunos” location and the transmission of the power generated to the Molone substation, the construction of a total of 66,730 km of underground medium voltage networks is envisaged.

Financially, the implementation of these projects and their allies on the Malia Peninsula will radically change the character of the Monemwasia Municipality and especially the Monemwasia Municipal Unit, one of the most touristy areas in the country. The tourist in the municipal unit of Vion degrades its potential for rapid growth.

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The establishment of three wind farms will have incalculable and irreversible environmental impacts on the Malia Peninsula, as it will create a “wall” of tens of thousands of kilometers of wind turbines in an area rich in recent migratory and vital flora. Migratory 15 leading environmental organizations and institutions.

“The establishment of wind farms and the opening of a new road construction along with the construction of these projects will dramatically change the landscape of CaoMalius and forcefully remove the fog of myth that surrounds it,” she warned.

It should be remembered that last June Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated from Ionina, “There are mountains without roads, and no new roads will be built on them.

There will be no roads, no roads. “There will be no roads for recyclables or mountain cattle.” However, the special complex of three wind farms under consideration envisions the opening of more than 32 km of roads in the deceptive massifs and pristine and environmentally sensitive areas of the “Little Mount Athos” on the Malian Peninsula. There were 44 Byzantine and post-Byzantine temples, tongues and numerous monasteries.

This is an area that is proposed to be designated a “Natural Regional Park” and a “Landscape of International Value” through the Peloponnese Approved Regional Revised Spatial Planning Framework. There are also rare zoological treasures, as demonstrated by the proposal for the creation of a Spoleological Park as described in the plan of the Spatial and Housing Organization of the Open Cities in Monemvasia and in the approved General Urban Plan of Vion.

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They were strongly opposed to any attempt to establish the specification and number of other wind farms licensed for production by the Energy Regulatory Authority of the Monemwasia Municipality (19 wind farms with a total of 170 wind turbines). The RIS Federation of Vatican Associations of Laconia submitted a letter to Attica.

ELLAKTOR Windmill Production Licenses at Vion’s Municipal Unit

Association of Napoleons with “TA VATIKA”, Association “TOULIPA GOULIMI”, Hotel Owners Association in Laconia, “O XENIOS ZEUS”, ETERNAL GREECE, Tour Operational Nautical Club of Vion and Tour Operational Association in Laconia. And Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Molone – South East Laconia.

“Based on the recent statements of the Prime Minister, we consider that the approval of the Ministry of Environment and Energy for such projects would be extremely problematic in view of the new special spatial framework for the RES.

It should be noted that the three wind farms planned are part of a larger project by ELLAKTOR, a single wind farm with a capacity of 193.2 MW (Section A1) in the municipality of Monamvasia.

However, the company has divided the project into 7 smaller stations through its 4 subsidiaries, the majority of which are involved, approximately 57% to 100%. Some of them are now Category A2 projects (hence, the whole project as a whole) in order to obtain environmental clearance more easily.

This is because, in the case of Category A2 wind farms, environmental licensing is the responsibility of decentralized administrations and is considered to be a faster and more favorable process than the procedure followed for licensed Category A1 projects (winds above 60 MW). Ministry of Environment with strict standards regarding their cumulative effects on the environment.

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The decentralized government of Peloponnese submitted an objection to the Ministry of the Environment, along with the Federation of Vatican Associations, bodies, associations, and local citizens of Attica Laconia, to classify two of the seven under the environmental license for wind farms. . They are demanding the proper application of the law to license wind farms, as happened in a similar case recently in the Aspropotamos area of ​​Meteora Municipality.

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