In Jerusalem, historian Adam Raz composes a personal account of the “Nakba.”

In Jerusalem, historian Adam Raz composes a personal account of the "Nakba."

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The Nakba , Arabic for “catastrophe,” refers to the exodus of 700,000 Palestinians since 1947 to what would become the state of Israel. Some left out of fear, others were fired military hand Abandoning their homes, fields, and possessions, they find refuge in Gaza, the West Bank, or even abroad.

Young Israeli historian Adam RossA researcher at the Akevot Institute and the grandson of these freedom fighters, discovered in the National Archives in Jerusalem dozens of letters sent to the Prime Minister of Israel at the time, David Ben Gurion, signed by a Sami Zada. , an Arab resident of Haifa was evicted from his home…

These letters reveal the unique story of a Palestinian living here in Haifa. In these letters he tells his story from April 23, 1948. The Arab part of Haifa was conquered. Haifa was a mixed city: 17,000 Jews and 17,000 Palestinians lived there, and within days most Palestinians had fled. Only 3000 remained and Sami Zada ​​was one of them… Adam Ross

From these letters Adam Raz made the material for a book and a play called The Turning Point of Historical Relation. Mr. Sami Zada’s personal tragedy. It appears in Israel today Nakba Still largely taboo.

It took a long time for Americans to talk openly about the history of slavery. It took time for European countries to talk about the colonial past… In Israel we are not in a post-conflict situation. It’s not like we’re in South Africa or Ireland. We are always in conflict. This is a real political question, now! Adam Ross

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Frédéric Metiseau France culture correspondent met in Jerusalem Adam Ross. At the microphone of Arnaud Laporte, he looks back on the process of creating his hybrid, necessary project.

To understand better Nakba :

  • The site of the Socrates Association
  • Documentary The Great Book Robbery Focuses on the theft of private libraries from Palestinian homes ([disponible sur youtube](:
  • the film Sea salt Palestinian director Annemarie Jasir, available on Netflix

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