In Ireland, uncertainty is growing over the possession of baccalaureate

In Ireland, uncertainty is growing over the possession of baccalaureate

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Will the Irish Baccalaureate take place? Last year, high school students had to wait until June to find out what the exam would look like. He has not returned to Terminal High School this year since the Christmas holidays and is in custody. Students are still not sure whether to write the exam based on academic record or accept the calculated grades.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Emeline wine

Emily Bergin, a schoolgirl in a village in the south of Ireland, is concerned about the prestige of fairness among 60,000 candidates. ” Online courses are good, but for some we have bad WiFi, which does not work for all courses, She cries. We do not have enough time to face, we did not have a white bin, so the unaccounted for signs can not work. In my opinion, the best solution, for example, is to postpone the exam to July .

Isobal keen requires continuous monitoring. Basically, when the government reverses a decision for weeks, they need visibility. ” Self-motivated, get up in the morning, She explains. We are tired of hearing that : “A new meeting tomorrow, a new meeting tomorrow”. Why can’t they just sit and stay in a room until they find a solution? ยป

A teachers’ union briefly knocked on the door. Around the desk, the High School Students Union strives for some kind of constant monitoring. “ When students return to school, they can use their notes for the exam, for example, Alicia O’Sullivan, a spokeswoman for the organization, explains. No solution is 100% fair, and the bin is not completely fair. This is why candidates should be able to write the exam if they are interested. “.A decision is expected to be announced by the end of the week.

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