In Ireland, the remaining Guinness from the Lockdown was used to grow Christmas trees

In Ireland, the remaining Guinness from the Lockdown was used to grow Christmas trees

During the embargo, the company decided to remove the accumulated trunks from closed pubs and apply fertilizers to simple crops.

(Photo: Getty Images via Artir Vidak / NoorPhoto) Tuesday, December 19, 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Arthur Vidak / Noor via Getty Images)

It takes one to make a (Christmas) tree Beer. Something very dark Guinness, To be precise. The strange Irish company decided during the lockdown Pull out the kegs with the remaining beer from the closed pubs (It will be wasted later) and use it Fertilize Christmas simple crops, Within an environmental plan for forest conservation.

Initiative, we readIndependent, Decided during the embargo To assist area managers They had to do it Close the doors For a long time (in Irish pubs Reopen July 3rd, One day before England). “It was a difficult time For the brewery, but it’s a very difficult time for those trying to manage stores in this part of the world. “, Explained Aidan Crowe, Director of Operations at the Guinness Book of World Records in Dublin.

So the beer began to recover, otherwise it would have been wasted. Crowe has not given an exact figure, but he speaks Million liters Stout. After allowing it to settle, the drink was dispensed. “Through a series of environmentally sustainable pathways “. Most of it was used Gardens of willows and trees Christmas, The rest were converted or used as biogas in anaerobic combustion plants Composting.

L ‘Santa Claus activity This is not the only Guinness World Record for the Kovid-19 emergency: it has been announced Fund of 80 80 million (Approximately .6 88.6 million) Raises the bar To help pubs pay for new ones Hygiene and safety measures. Of this, $ 14 million goes to pubs in Ireland.

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