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In Ireland, Lid offers a night in a store with food, beauty treatments and movie screening.

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Lidl, an Irish subsidiary of the hard-disk discount chain, has decided to hold an amazing competition. The winner of this game will have the opportunity to spend an evening in a chain store and sleep there. The creators of the competition have planned a dinner with a chef and a personal wine tasting, a beauty treatment and a movie that will be shown on the big screen.

In Ireland, you can soon fall asleep in a lidle store. According to an article inIrish Examiner Broadcast Capital, The Irish subsidiary of the hard-disc discount brand decided to organize a competition to win “one night at a time”.

Thus, the winner of the contest will have exclusive access to the interior of the store after closing the doors. He can invite someone to share this special moment. Together they can enjoy a barbecue-themed meal cooked by a chef with products from the lid cupboard.

A private wine tasting

At dinner, the lucky ones can also attend to taste the wines sold at the lid, specially selected by an oncologist. “What better way to relax than to walk down the aisle of a Liddle store, enjoy our special summer range, and drink the award-winning new wines,” said Liddle’s Irish Managing Director.

After this sumptuous dinner, guests can enjoy a beauty treatment in the cosmetics section of the store and then a movie screening thanks to a giant screen installed in the center of the supermarket. A bed with “soft sheets and pillows” awaits them for their night.

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