In Ireland, Google will pay more than 200 200 million in taxes

Il restauro del viale delle sfingi

Alphabet’s Irish branch (a holding company that controls Google) has agreed to pay പ്രാദേശിക 218 million in taxes back to the local government. “Some tax issues“. The refund was noticed From various newspapers This is because it is contained in the tax documents presented by the company on Thursday, but Google has not explained exactly what it is and does not want to respond to requests for clarification.

In Ireland, Google and many other big tech companies like Apple are enjoying a very advantageous tax system, which is why they have relocated their European presence to the country. Thank you A combination of strategies For years these companies have been able to give very low figures of profits outside the United States. These companies have been accused of tax evasion on several occasions.

However, it is not clear what period Google’s back tax payment to the Irish government refers to. Google did not provide any details or explanations: it said it would pay 218 million euros in back taxes to those who paid by 2020 (approximately 600 million euros) and was aiming to settle the payment.Some tax issues», Without answering the request for explanation.

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