In Ireland, Google is launching a new partnership with the online press

In Ireland, Google is launching a new partnership with the online press

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In Ireland, eight press groups have signed an agreement with Google to allow some of their articles to be used by search engines. Google News Showcase is the name of this new offer that offers rich content for free to internet users.

Eight groups and fifteen headlines have now joined the Google News Showcase. However, their articles are already on the “News” tab. Google News Showcase is a new service that highlights the content of each title, without doing keyword research, a new experience in terms of marketing.

Put high value items

The panel on the news site “Dublin Live” in the capital, for example, has three main headlines: This morning, two news and an interview with an Irish TV star. If you click on the bullet, Google offers the latest articles published and the highlighting of a news story, in a short context of three points. The user can even access the usually paid items, Way This service.

Top titles read in Ireland! L Irish Times, Irish Independent – Two major paper dailies, The Daily Mirror, More and more tabloid, “The Journal”, one of the leading online headlines, and many local headlines across the country are thus participating in this general and wide-ranging offer to a potential audience.

As a kind of “license”, Google pays publishers to use their content. Instead, press groups must respect a system of secrecy. Clearly, the amount of the license was not disclosed; That would be a payment. ” 5 to 7 digitsAccording to Google’s head of news. Monthly? Anniversary? For their part, the newspaper companies explain that it’s about visibility and exposure and that they do. “It’s not for money.

Pays the Irish media

For the user, this is financially free, but in order to access paid articles in general, you need to create an account that is protected by a “paid wall” and therefore accessible with the News Showcase. Enter an addressMail, Coordinates. This data is valuable for newspapers and Google. Newspapers and websites are betting on the possibility of turning these visits into genuine subscriptions.

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On the other hand, Google is getting clicks for beginners. After all, it’s a way of freeing itself from neighborhood rights, a European law that requires press companies to pay even an extract of their articles from digital giants. Until then, Google refused to do that. He was even punished in France for it. The News Showcase is a way of imposing its own general terms by paying 200 publishers around the world. In France, this service has not yet been launched.

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