In Ireland, female footballers and men’s footballers now receive the same salary

In Ireland, female footballers and men's footballers now receive the same salary

The Irish Federation announced on Monday that football players on the Irish national team will receive the same salary. The Irish Football Association is pleased to announce that players representing the senior men’s and women’s teams of the Republic of Ireland will soon receive the same match bonus in international competitions.The Federation welcomed the press release.

To reach this agreement, the men’s team agreed to reduce the players ‘pay per game, which the federation uses to increase the players’ salaries. England, Brazil, Australia, Norway and New Zealand have publicly pledged to pay players the same in international competitions.

“This is the best day for Irish football”Katie McCabe, captain of the Irish women’s team, was delighted. “We have taken a big step forward with this deal, showing the world what we can achieve in unity by giving international players the same opportunities.”She believes.

Everton defender Seamus Coleman (59 caps) explained that the Irish players are happy to contribute to the deal. “We are pleased to do what we can to ensure that our international players are treated equally and fairly. We are fully committed to doing all we can to achieve this goal together.”Coleman said.

The federation announced that equal pay would be presented at international meetings in September, and that tournament qualification bonuses would be subject to this principle.

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