In Ireland, a tidal turbine project supported by H2020

In Ireland, a tidal turbine project supported by H2020

A consortium that brings together Irish players in particular is working on a tidal turbine project. The so-called Crimson Marine (commercialization of a renewable and innovative construction solution for an optimized novel marine turbine) as part of the European Horizon 2020 program received funding of 3. 3.9 million out of the required 9 3.9 million.

University of Galway, Irish subsidiary of Oir Renewable Power Company (group-based Iri Composites) Portland, Maine). Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials in Germany and Conciglio Nacionel del Richerche in Italy are also involved in the project.

The Crimson project aims to create a new generation of tidal turbines that are more reliable and more efficient while reducing production costs. This includes working on recycled carbon fiber foils to reduce capital costs by 33% and operating costs by 66%.

ORPC’s ÉireComposites has already partnered with ORPC’s first RivGen Power Systems commercial project in 2019. Connected to a submerged windmill, the turbine was installed in Igugig, Alaska, for power-dwelling residents living in an isolated area off the course of the Kwichak River.

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