In Gokil, this man provides generic services to awaken unmarried Zahur women

Gokil, Pria Ini Sediakan Layanan Gratis Untuk Membangunkan Para Wanita Jomblo Sahur

Unmarried women, let us come closer!

Koirul Anam from Magellan shocked netizens again on social media. After previously putting his nails in the seat of his motorbike, this time the man returned to do a fun stunt by starting a service genius service to wake women up. Single During the month of Ramadan.

Through his own Instagram account amanam_chenel, He shared a photo showing a banner explaining the service for awakening unmarried women for Zahoor. It does not charge a single penny from its clients, as Khorul will wake you up for free.

Suhoor Women’s Awakening Services

Because, at this time, there are still a lot of people who are late or late to implement Sahur. So, Choirul is here to solve this problem. However, Korul only accepts single female clients.

For those who wake up tonight, no one can use my services, no one can use the service (JMS). Com … is born … I’m standby from 2am to Imzak, “Wrote a description of the upload.

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A person named Koirul Anam opens a unique service

Is on Banner As such, it writes that unmarried women are ready to be happily awakened. The way he uses it is through chat, Video call, Or phone. Because of that, he will always be stand by 02.00 From WIB to Emsak time.

Don’t have a partner yet? Woke up late? Contact me Khorul Anam, a morning wake-up service. Valid during the month of Ramadan. Fasting no longer seems lonely, contact JMS (wake up service). Stay from 2am to Imsak, “That’s the message on the banner.

In addition, the choir also gave a door gift in the form of breaking the fast together. Don’t forget, he included a contact number. However, this offer is especially for unmarried women.

Hilarious comments from Warganet

Suddenly, the post went viral and attracted a lot of attention Vorganet. So far, the post of Choirul Ananth, who provides services to awaken food, has been liked 2450 times. Many netizens did not expect such services to last.

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It turns out that it was built on the east side or in the WIT , “Write the number @ andrianw1.

Sorry, brother, I’m not polite, I just want to remind you, do not put your nails in the tree. , ”@Sany_umar said.

Well, the idea is always new and always successful, ”Commented @freda.wardana.

Unemployment corresponds to Garangan Iki,. JD Surveyor Builder Service Staff 😅😂 Singles Blessings of the Month of Ramadan, …, “Said Uj Pujankakaselio.

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