In Glasgow, twelve countries and territories, including France, pledged to phase out gas and oil.

In Glasgow, twelve countries and territories, including France, pledged to phase out gas and oil.

Beyond the Boga Oil and Gas AllianceThis is an acronym for the latest alliance of countries
COP26 de Glasgow Who will have some
Definitely saw a lot Since opening on October 31st. It supports Costa Rica and Denmark and brings together twelve countries and territories that are committed to phasing out gas and oil gradually. In addition to the two founding countries, France, Greenland, Ireland, Quebec, Sweden and Wales are full members and the other two collaborators are: California and New Zealand.

It was announced earlier that the alliance would be prepared by Denmark and Costa Rica UN General Assembly held at the end of last SeptemberAnother alliance echoes in the first week of nineteen states and four public works to stop funding fossil energy projects abroad by 2023.
Carbon capture and storage.

No exact date … “But first step”

So as the Boga alliance moves forward, as the signatory nations set a deadline for their oil and gas exploration and extraction activities, the two fossil fuels that have not yet been discussed in the COPs are mainly focused on coal, which still has the heaviest carbon footprint. “If we are to deal with the climate crisis, we need to plan for a controlled but decisive shutdown of oil and gas production,” recalls Andrea Messa, Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment and Energy.

Despite all the major shortcomings, this bog alliance has not yet set an exact date for this exit of gas and oil. Although Denmark is one of the largest producers of hydrocarbons in Europe, these twelve members do not include the world’s largest producers of gas and oil. “Boga is the first such alliance, an important first step,” justifies Danish Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen. Like the first week’s announcements on fossil fuels, Boga is thus involved in creating a consensus on the need to switch from fossil fuels. “In the days to come, new nations will join the alliance,” says Dan Jorgensen. We are in close talks, especially with Scotland. ” to be continued.

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