In Germany, the crumbling political landscape, the intense content, the victory of the dispute between the CDU and the SPD

In Germany, the crumbling political landscape, the intense content, the victory of the dispute between the CDU and the SPD

Due to election night, the Germans lost their regular Sunday, September 26th The place where the crime took place. They have not lost in exchange. In terms of drama, the political perspective in which they participated is valuable to their Sunday detective drama. Even an extra dose of suspense: when A ends The place where the crime took placeWe know the killer, Germany went to bed on Sunday not knowing who its future chancellor would be.

Truth be told, it’s not a miracle. In the days that followed, the Conservative candidate (CDU-CSU), Armin Lachet, recalled that nothing could stop a second-placed party from trying to form an alliance. This is what he reiterated on Sunday after reading the first figures that give the Social Democrats (SPD) the lead, 26% ahead of the Conservatives, 24%. “We will do our best to form a government led by CDU-CSU.”, Mr. Laschet, announced from his headquarters in Berlin a short time before 7 p.m. “Unsatisfactory result”.

After the first results were announced on September 26, 2021, Olaf Scholes, an SPD contestant at the Chancellery in Berlin.

Within ten minutes, four kilometers away, Olaf Scholes also claimed victory. “A lot of voters today voted for the SPD because they want a change of government and they want to call the next chancellor Olaf Scholes.”, Next to a statue of former Chancellor Willie Brand, announces the candidate of the Social Democrats, who speaks in a third person from the large hall of the SPD building.

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However, this parallelism should not be misunderstood. If they are close, the results of the SPD and CDU-CSU will not have the same political significance. For the Social Democrats, this 25.7% is just 20.5% of the vote in 2017, according to a provisional count by the Federal Election Commission on Monday. For conservatives, this 24.1% is devastating: 9 points compared to 2017 and even 17 points compared to 2013, CDU-CSU recorded, the worst score in history on Sunday.

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Conservative hustle and bustle

Stinging, this defeat is even more so in view of some local effects that are symbolically weighty. In the Strollsund (McLenberg-Western Pomerania) near the Baltic Sea, the SPD candidate won the constituency that Angela Merkel had retained for thirty years. In Achen (North Rhine-Westphalia), the stronghold of Armin Lasht, the Greens defeated the CDU candidate. In Saarland, Peter Altmeyer (CDU), Minister of Finance, is the trustee of the M Trust.Me Merkel lost to Social Democrat Haiko Mass, a colleague in charge of foreign affairs. In the same area, Minister of Defense, Anegret Cramp-Karenbauer Defeated an opponent from SPD. In Hesse, a Social Democrat also defeated Helge Brown (CDU), who is second in command of the Federal Chancellor.

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