In France, liberation is a martial art that has long been despised

In France, liberation is a martial art that has long been despised
Having been in power in France for only two years, this discipline continues to gather new followers.

Summarizes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a cage fight Has been. From now on, the discipline of combining English boxing, Thai boxing, wrestling, and even Brazilian ju-jitsu or judo is on the rise. It has television studio specialists who unite the crowd and continue to conquer France. The tricolor MMA, trained in an octagonal cage lined with tatami, now has its new heroes. Fans and advertisers snape Frenchman Cyril Gain and Cameroonian Francis Nagnu after vibrating for legendary rivals Irish star Conor McGregor and Dagestan’s “ass” Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The goal of the game is simple: the two heroes end up in a duel with each other, which ends in the decision or submission of the judges (joint lock or suffocation). Meetings are divided into three or five rounds of five minutes each. When the fight reaches its climax, three judges decide the winner. Awesome effect guaranteed.

“Attack on human dignity”

What’s behind the acronym MMA? A mix of pancreas, ancient Greek sports and vale tudo – a form of freedom struggle born in Brazil in the 20th century – it later became big business. MMA is a heavyweight in the international sports economy. Born in Denver, Colorado in 1993, the Giant American MMA League Ultimate Fighting Championship was bought by a California company in 2016 for $ 4 billion (3.5 3.5 billion). WME-IMG, now Endeavor. The timeless mother organization, which later structured itself to gain credibility, as well as the organized struggle. In 2001, a unified regulation was introduced to establish barriers and formulate the MMA. Since that date, more than 30 bans have come into force, some of which are tantamount to disqualification. Jumble: Bite, pinch, spit, put your fingers in your eyes, aim at private parts or even trample an opponent on the ground is not questioned. There are eight weight categories for men and four for women.

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Until January 2020, France was irrelevant. Along with Norway and Thailand, the wrestling nation and Andre the Giant were one of the last countries to ban MMA competitions. The ban is based on a 1999 recommendation by the Council of Europe. The body then advised the member states. “To ban and prevent free struggles such as cage wrestling”, Goes as far as calling MMA a“Attack on Human Dignity”. The tasters do not give up, and continue. Since 2004, former champions and coaches, Bertrand Amouzo, have led the fight for recognition in the country, especially as other martial arts and martial arts have come under attack. “MMA is a haven for jihadists,” he said. In 2015, even the boss of the French Judo Federation, Jean-Luc Rouge, was emboldened. “For me, MMA is not a sport. It all stems from an invention to do business, He added. There is no educational aspect to this kind of discipline.

Progressive recognition

On the political side, consistently sports ministers go through hot potatoes. In October 2016 Secretary of State Thierry Braillard put a coin into the machine. He signs An order effectively banning competitions. If he does not name the discipline, the sentence is prohibited “Punches, kicks, elbows, and knees aimed at a fighter sitting on the ground”. Redefining decree “Technical and safety rules applicable to public martial arts events”, Approved duels are mounted on a carpet or loop. This decision by the government of Manuel Valls later shocked the MMA defenders even more as it pulled the rug out from under their feet. A parliamentary report is going to be submitted, Suggests progressive recognition and oversight of the discipline.

In January 2020, Sports Minister Delegate Roxana Marasinianu sought to legalize the MMA in France and bring it under the control of the French Boxing Federation. From now on France will be able to organize and organize professional competitions. But in many clubs this method already exists. The MMA will have 30,000 to 50,000 French practitioners. According to a 2016 parliamentary report, the number of UFC viewers in France is estimated at 250,000, while the authors estimate that the sport will reach more than 1.2 billion households worldwide.

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